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I'm back! :D It's been a while, I have finally checked into a spiritual and mental point of stillness as my most recent struggles have bared fruit. The reality of this state sends a warm glow expanding rapidly throughout my body with an alarming frequency and this time around I aim to share my thoughts more freely, but it's not just that I can't get enough... at this point it feels like a need. I now exhale freely with zero tension and I feel like my moves have more of a Legolas-like composure in my new environment despite the fact I am no longer breathing Caribbean air, chiefly because it's been a looong time coming.

I am so grateful for this change and my adapting skills are in full effect. I have settled quickly following my somewhat northerly relocation to Canada and of course the current temperature I am now in contact with is much lower than I am used to. My face and knuckles seems to be always devoid of moisture as they strip, the dry skin turns off white and…

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